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Fire Safety People: fire risk assessments / fire training


We have collated a small amount of guidance for both employers and landlords to help you comply with current fire laws.

Information for Employers

With some many things to take care of when running a business, fire safety matters are usually a low priority. With the RRO now in force, the Fire Authorities will be clamping down.

Please visit our Information for Employers section for more details...

Information for Landlords

Duties of Landlords differ somewhat to those of an employer. Are you doing all you should be?

Please visit our Information for Landlords section for more details...


For all information regarding Licensing and how to obtain a Licence, please visit: Premier Licensing Consultants

Fire Risk Assessments

According to fire safety legislation, every workplace must have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment. All fire risk assessments are carried out by ex-fire authority officers who spent years policing the earlier legislation.

For more details please visit our fire risk assessment section.

Fire Training

We specialise in providing fire training to staff of all levels in order to help you comply with fire safety legislation.

To find out more about our low cost, high efficiency training courses please visit our fire training section.