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Fire Safety People: fire risk assessments / fire training

Information for Landlords...

In October 2006 the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) was introduced. If your premises is not a ‘single private dwelling’ then the RRO will place specific duties on the responsible person (e.g. the landlord) to undertake a fire risk assessment of their premises and ensure that the general fire safety precautions are suitable and sufficient. If there is more than one occupant in your premises (i.e. family, tenancy) then your premises is classed as a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and as a Landlord you must ensure that you provide suitable and sufficient fire safety precautions for your tenants.

HMO’s must have an automatic means of giving warning (i.e. smoke or heat detectors). They should be located in vulnerable areas such as kitchens and should also be accessible in escape routes. Emergency escape lighting must also be present in escape routes and other areas as highlighted by your fire risk assessment. Your fire risk assessment should also highlight the need for signage (including the correct exit signage) and fire fighting equipment. If your premises contains areas of high fire risk such as a kitchen, then you will need to provide the correct media (i.e. fire blanket, wet chemical extinguisher) and appropriate signage.

You must ensure that your escape routes are protected sufficiently; you must ensure that the walls, ceilings, doors, glazing, staircases and staircase enclosures along the route to the exit door are capable of resisting fire for at least 30 minutes. All final exit doors must be of a simple fastening, meaning that they must be opened, from the inside, without the use of a key (i.e. push bar).

Generally speaking the more complex, or larger your premises the more fire safety precautions will need to be carried out. Any staff (i.e. porters) will need to receive sufficient and relevant training. But your fire risk assessment is your first port of call to justify your measures and to highlight what needs to be done.

Fire Risk Assessments

According to fire safety legislation, every workplace must have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment. All fire risk assessments are carried out by ex-fire authority officers who spent years policing the earlier legislation.

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Fire Training

We specialise in providing fire training to staff of all levels in order to help you comply with fire safety legislation.

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